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Bobcoch Wanson heat generator repair “Di Ferro”, LLC

In October 2023, “Refracon Installations”, LLC, specialists carried out works on repairing Bobcoch Wanson heat generator designed for heating the process air flow.
The facility for repair is located in the Tula region, village of Pervomaysky, on the territory of “Di Ferro”, LLC.
As part of the project, the following works were performed:
dismantling of the furnace part and the back cover of the heat generator, dismantling of the lining, installation of anchors, installation of formwork and pouring of the arris with concrete. Further on, installation of ferrules and combustible tubes, making of an expansion seam and filling the lining over the entire height and volume. Next, the formwork was dismantled, the lining dried and the furnace part of the heat generator installed.
In the course of the work we installed 1,500 kilograms of concrete, 396 ferrules and 50 heat resistant holdfasts.
This project is our first cooperation with Di Ferro, as well as the first experience in carrying out similar repairs. Nevertheless, the project is successful, as we did the job strictly in a timely manner, and the performance fully satisfied the Customer’s demands.