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Modernization of the annular heating furnace No. 1 of the pipe rolling shop No. 1 of PJSC “Seversky Pipe Plant”

In July 2020, Refracon took part in the project of modernization of the annular heating furnace No. 1 of the pipe-rolling shop No. 1 of PJSC Seversky Pipe Plant.
The annular heating furnace is designed for heating up round steel billets to a temperature of 12,000° C -13,000° C. The maximum temperature in the furnace space is 13,400° C. During this project, the specialists of Refracon prepared and implemented quality control measures of the refractory monolitics for the bottom lining of the annular heating furnace.
To complete this project, vibrating castables produced by Seven Refractories were used. These special materials help to increase resistance against corrosion and erosion and to achieve high thermal and thermo-mechanical resistance as well as improved resistance to temperature changes.