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Overhaul of the Shaft Lining of Blast Furnace # 8 of MMK, PJSC

In mid-March 2024, our company completed a major overhaul of the blast furnace shaft #8 of MMK, PJSC, consisting of two stages:

  • pouring cooling plates with refractory concrete
  • lining the furnace shaft
    As part of the first stage, lining of 210 cooling plates was carried out. The method of pre-filling coolers outside the furnace allowed for high-quality lining of the replaced coolers and drying before installation in the furnace. A reliable anchor system ensured adhesion of the lining to the surface of the plate. To increase the strength characteristics of the lining, a dispersed concrete mixture reinforced with heat-resistant fiber was used. This gave the finished lining increased resistance to cracks and also reduced the load on the lining structure.
    During the second stage of the haul, the following work was completed:
  • installation of cooling plates;
  • shotcreting of the bosh area, supporting plate, furnace belly and shaft;
  • pumping refractory concrete into the furnace casing.
    As part of this project, more than 800 tons of high-quality material produced by Seven Refractories were installed: shotcrete concrete, vibrating concrete reinforced with heat-resistant fiber, shotcrete masses, self-flowing refractory concrete for injection between the furnace body and coolers.