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Reсonstruction of the hearth and stack of Blast Furnace-2 at TulaCherMet PJSC.

In late October of 2021 specialists of Refracon Installations Ltd. completed the reconstruction of refractory lining of BF No.2 at TulaCherMet PJSC.
The reconstruction project was developed by Seven Refractories, using new installation methods designed specifically for this Blast Furnace.
First the specialists of Refracon Installations prepared heat-resistant steel anchors and formwork. The main works of the refractory lining installation were carried out in stages: installation of a concrete support ring on the carbon blocks, application of a reinforcement layer on the cooling plates of the hearth, application of a concrete layer from the hearth to the grate and application of the self-pouring concrete around the newly assembled cooling plates.
Concrete application works were carried out from the moving platform using the shotcreting method. The concrete was applied in form of “cards” using wooden formwork.
In total, Refracon Installations Ltd. installed over 1,200 tons of refractory materials, supplied by Seven Refractories. Seven Refractories was also the supervisor of the project.
This was the third project of Refracon Installations Ltd. at TulaCherMet PJSC in the time period of 2020 – 2021. Since 2015 Refracon Installations successfully conducts projects for TulaCherMet and guarantees state-of-the-art quality, advanced technologies and modern equipment.