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Repair of air heaters No.1bis and No.2 of Blast Furnace No.1 at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (ChMK)

In May 2021 Refracon Installations LLC completed a new project of refractory lining in which the air heaters’ combustion chamber of Blast Furnace No.1 at ChMK was repaired by shotcreting.
During this complex project, several phases were completed: the removal of the old refractory lining, the stripping and preparing of areas to be repaired, and the installation of anchors and refractory materials by shotcrete method.
The work was complicated by hidden defects discovered after cooling of the brick lining in the combustion chamber and partial dismantling of the working rim.

As part of this project, Refracon Installations LLC restored the integrity of the combustion chamber to increase its resistance to thermal changes, abrasion and oxidation, and reduce CO emissions by eliminating the flow of combustion products through the separation wall.

This work will significantly extend service life of the air heaters and reduce ChMK’s repair costs.
Over 140 tons of cement refractory materials were successfully installed during this project.