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Restoring repair of the refractory lining of “Tulachermet”, PJSC, BF #3 air heater combustion chamber.

In mid-April 2023, our company completed the project for the restoring repair of the refractory lining of Blast Furnace # 3 of “Tulachermet”, PJSC.

Under the scope of the project, 965 stainless steel anchors were installed. Besides, the refractory lining of the gas burner nozzle and the hot blast nozzle were restored, as well as the zone of the destroyed brick of the combustion chamber. A protective wall over the brick to prevent further destruction was erected.

To apply the lining, shotcreting method was used. When shotcreting, we used the technology of applying concrete in segments. The segments were formed by using a wooden formwork, which also serves to control the thickness of the applied layer.  During the repair, more than 125 tons of various concrete mixtures were used, with low gas permeability, chemical resistance and excellent robustness against alkali fumes and carbon dioxide, specially designed for the project by “Seven Refractories” company.