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Stage One of Overhaul of BF No. 9 of PJSC MMK Shaft Lining.

The overhaul of BF No. 9 of PJSC MMK shaft is envisaged in two stages:

– pouring refrigeration plates with refractory concrete

– lining the furnace shaft after installing the cold plates

By April 2022, the first stage of the project was completed, under which 192 refrigeration plates were lined. The work scope included: welding of anchors, installation of formwork, pour of concrete by vibrocasting application, and drying.

The method of concreting refrigerators outside the furnace allows for high-quality lining of the replaced refrigerators and drying before installation in the furnace. The maximum density of concrete is achieved by adding a minimum amount of water for mixing.

A reliable anchor system secures adhesion of the lining to the surface of the plate. To improve the strength characteristics of the lining, a dispersed-reinforced concrete system was used. This accounted for the increased resistance to crack development of the finished lining and reduced stress on the lining structure.

During the first stage of the project, 227 tons of high-quality material manufactured by Seven Refractories, that is vibro-cast concretes based on high-mullite chamotte, were applied.