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The Second Stage of the Overhaul of BF No. 9 “MMK”, PJSC, Lining.

In May 2022, our company completed a major overhaul of shaft BF No. 9 of MMK, PJSC, consisting of two stages:

– casting cooling plates with refractory concrete

– lining the furnace shaft

Work scope in the second stage of the overhaul comprised: installation of cooling plates (after casting and drying during the first stage of the overhaul); shotcreting of the bosh area, the lintel girder and the belly; gunning of an expansion joint above the lining of the cooled zone; injecting refractory concrete between the cooling plates and furnace casing.

During the second stage of the project, 640 tons of high-quality material manufactured by Seven Refractories were installed: self-spreading concrete, shotcrete masses, vibro-casting concretes, shotcrete masses, and refractory concretes for injecting.